Our Aim

When developing our resources, our goal has been to create impactful tools that empower both the learner and their support team. Each of our products have been designed to reflect one of the three key areas:

  • Building Foundation Skills
  • Fostering Independence
  • Connecting School and Home

Building Foundation Skills

Learning Patch autism resources such as the First/Then Schedule Pad and Progress Tracker help build essential foundation habits, alleviate anxiety, and positively reinforce children for engaging in learning.

Fostering Independence

Learning Patch has a Daily Planner with Time Out ZONES designed to help students plan their day and check in on how they’re feeling. The Daily Planner features Emotion Tutorials with ideas on strategies to help regulate emotions.

Connecting School and Home

Learning Patch Communication Books provide a way to connect home and school. This tool makes it easy for teachers to track behavioural goals, capture emerging issues, and keep families (and therapy teams) up to date. It’s also a great communication starter for families with children with limited verbal abilities.