Autism Classroom Essentials

Autism Classroom Essentials


Our new range of Autism Classroom Essentials has been designed to address the specific needs of ASD children in the classroom.  As well as assisting day to day in the classroom, our Autism Classroom Essentials pack facilitates productive Individualised Education Program (IEP) reviews and meetings

Learning Patch Communication Book for Primary

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How Classroom Essentials Works

 COMMUNICATION BOOK for Primary School

The Communication Book has been developed specifically to improve the effectiveness of the IEP.  Structured into key focus areas, the book guides teachers and integration aides into capturing essential information that reveals behavioural patterns and identifies successful and unsuccessful strategies. The forms facilitate tracking against each child’s IEP goals, to encourage transparent communication and a proactive team approach.

The Communication Book can be used daily, on set days or in classes where there is an emerging concern

Form completion: approximately 5 minutes. 

  • Official record of student progress and behaviours
  • 100 forms structured into key focus area
  • Information from parents about behavioural triggers and management
  • Tips on settling into school
  • Evidence-based tips to encourage good behaviours
  • Reinforcement stickers to reward effort
  • Travel pouch to ensure class notices make it home

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First/Then Schedule Pads are an effective planning tool for children struggling to remain on task, or with sensory issues causing distraction in the classroom.  It allows teachers and integration aides to prepare their student for upcoming tasks by presenting a view of the activities ahead.

Children with autism can be distracted due to heightened auditory and visual sensitivities; from indirect sounds such as an air-conditioner to more direct distractions such as peers.  The First/Then Schedule Pad helps children filter out distractions by providing a visual focal point.  Equally important, the ability to see the next task relieves anxiety for ASD children, who often need some predictability in their classroom activities.

This resource is particularly useful for children with impaired planning skills, procrastinate, have attention deficits, and for children who experience anxiety

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Progress Tracker is a visual timeline that allows teachers and integration aides to help children remain on task, learn to become intrinsically motivated to learn, and encourages children to build positive self-talk. 

The four-step timeline provides encouragement for a child to initiate their task, and follow through to completion. The positive and reinforcing statements motivate students, allowing them to self assess their progress by using the whiteboard marker to tick when they have reached certain stages of their task.

This resource is ideal for children who procrastinate, have attention deficits, or experience anxiety and would benefit from ongoing feedback. White board marker pen is included with this product.

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